Deborah Scott- Surface Design

Some beautiful glass designs from Surface Designer Deborah Scott, who is working on developing UV printing techniques for interiors.

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"Emotional Sanctuary"
I am an innovative surface and textile designer who has a passion for colour, pattern and texture. I am constantly inspired by nature, light reflections, water and overall how nature grows. I specialise in print but maintain a diverse and versatile practice, often exploring with new materials and techniques.
‘Emotional Sanctuary’ is inspired by people who eat, work, sleep and live all within one city. People do not want to loose a connection with nature and are constantly trying to find ways around this.

Luxurious nature inspired prints have been printed onto fabric and UV sublimated onto glass. The combination of these two techniques transforms an ordinary space into a lavish indoor garden.
My future aim is to have ‘lavish indoor garden rooms’ across the globe. Where people can regularly retreat to in order to obtain a break from work.Whilst sitting in these rooms people will feel revitalised   and ready to carry on the day with a fresh feeling mind and body.
Far too many people due to work related stress are suffering with depression and anxiety. I am hoping that these sanctuary rooms filled with calm yet mentally stimulating designs will also help with mental health problems. 

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