A year on ...

With the degree show fast approaching, here's a reminder of some of the work exhibited last year ...

This years show is shaping up to be full of exciting and innovative designs. Watch this space!

Louisa Crompton - Knitted Textile Design

Louisa May Crompton is a final year Textile Craft student specialising in Knit. By combining hand and machine knitting, Louisa creates playful, interactive and contemporary designs for use within interior spaces.

Why not visit Louisa's website and facebook pages for more images of her samples and information about her work at : www.louisacrompton.co.uk, www.facebook.com/louisacromptondesigns.

You can also contact Louisa by email at: info@louisacrompton.co.uk.

Photography Shoots!

Along with the catalogue shoot to coincide with the degree show work, some of the student's have been photographing their work and garments using models. Take a look below for some behind the scene photos at the shoot for Janine Singleton's print designs and fashion pieces.

Images of Janine's work and further photography can be found at www.janinesingleton.co.uk.

Charlotte Cullen

Charlotte is a textile art student on Textile Crafts.
She has been exploring the transitory concept of becoming- to determine what it is to be(come) a woman, to be(come) feminine- to question and subvert fixed gender conventions. Informed by the internet as a key contemporary contextual site for this 'becoming' Charlotte uses sites such as tumblr and facebook to explore the layers of feminine self discovery as they unfold online to understand the craft of becoming a 'woman'.