Studio Work

Along with our fundraising events and photo shoots, we have all been busy working away on our final projects. The countdown to the degree show is well under way and our studio spaces are quickly filling up with ideas, inspiration and sampling work from embroidery, print, weave and knit workshops!

 Take a look at some of the exciting samples below from Textile Design, Surface Design and Textile Crafts.
Janine Singleton, Katie Soponski, Deborah Scott & Laura Dobson developing designs in the print workshop.

Inspiring mood boards, laser cutting and mixed media knitting techniques.

Sample development and inspiration boards from Jessy Flounds, & Cecilia Erlandsson.

Keep checking back for more studio updates! Plenty of developments and new designers will be showcased in the coming weeks!

Kerri Shimell // Textile Design

Woven textile designer with a passion for technical textiles.

Weaving has taught me to love the details. My final project is based on simplicity and minimalism.

Pleats, folds, & waves combined with experiments using both Z and S-twist yarns make for an exciting collection for high end interiors. 

I'm mostly using ecru wool and elastic to create bunching and form semi 3-dimensional fabric whilst maintaining transparency, as the curtain fabric controversially isn't designed to block out light but rather use it as an accessory to a room.

I am currently influenced by origami, Issy Miyake and the textures inside vegetables.

- Kerri

Bake Sale Fundraiser

Today’s bake sale was a big success!  350-400 home baked cakes and biscuits were shifted which raised £180 towards the degree show catalog. 

   Many students got involved and baked a scrumptious selection of cakes and biscuits to sell on campus. People were finding it difficult to choose what to have because everything looked so tempting! Big golden biscuits were offered in  organza drawstring bags and little plates and napkins for the cakes which were beautifully presented.

 Well done to everyone who took part today and a big Thank you to Beth Clarke, Kerry Cantwell and Claire Conway for devoting their day to manage the cake stall.

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Behind the scenes: Day 3

Last day of the photoshoot for the catalogue!

Preview Of Students Work

Want To Be Nosy?

As we are all preparing for our Degree Show and producing our Final Major Project, we are producing lots of exciting work! Here is a sneak peak! 

Katie Fisher

Katie Fisher

Ellie Greaves

Morta Kazenaite

Deborah Scott

Ashleigh Glover

Katie Fisher

Ellie Greaves

Today's Bake Sale

We know you all love cake, and what luck - the bake sale is on NOW!!

Get down to Central Services, for a chance to grab a delicious homemade bargain...that look a little something like this:

You've only got until 3pm so go NOW!!

Behind the Scenes of the Photo-Shoot

Bates Mill Photo-Shoot
Here is a preview of what happened behind the scenes from the photo shoot today. We have three whole days of working in the beautiful studio at Bates Mill in Huddersfield with a professional photographer taking photos of our samples from our final major projects.
Everything is coming nicely together.
And we are all excited to see the final photographs.


We all love CAKE ! 

Head down to the Textile Students Bake Sale and help raise money for the end of year catalogue!!!

To raise money to produce our end of year catalogue, the Uni’s Textile Students will be holding a CAKE SALE outside the Library on 12th March! If you’d like to bake or donate any cakes for us to sell we’d be really grateful, but more importantly make sure you tell all your cake loving friends about it!!

For more information, check out the Facebook group.

Materials Council Talk!

Visit the Materials Council website at for more information regarding samples and practice! 

Thanks to Surface Designer Deborah Scott for providing images of the talk!

Don't forget...

~~~~~~SEW COOL!~~~~~~

Next Thursday, 14th March at The Zetland.

Check out the event for info on live bands, craft stalls & group exhibitions!

Come along and support the TEXTILE DEGREE SHOW 2013!

Deborah Scott- Surface Design

Some beautiful glass designs from Surface Designer Deborah Scott, who is working on developing UV printing techniques for interiors.

Visit Deborah's website or get in touch for more information!

"Emotional Sanctuary"
I am an innovative surface and textile designer who has a passion for colour, pattern and texture. I am constantly inspired by nature, light reflections, water and overall how nature grows. I specialise in print but maintain a diverse and versatile practice, often exploring with new materials and techniques.
‘Emotional Sanctuary’ is inspired by people who eat, work, sleep and live all within one city. People do not want to loose a connection with nature and are constantly trying to find ways around this.

Luxurious nature inspired prints have been printed onto fabric and UV sublimated onto glass. The combination of these two techniques transforms an ordinary space into a lavish indoor garden.
My future aim is to have ‘lavish indoor garden rooms’ across the globe. Where people can regularly retreat to in order to obtain a break from work.Whilst sitting in these rooms people will feel revitalised   and ready to carry on the day with a fresh feeling mind and body.
Far too many people due to work related stress are suffering with depression and anxiety. I am hoping that these sanctuary rooms filled with calm yet mentally stimulating designs will also help with mental health problems.